Month: January 2016

This customer from Trinity, FL needed privacy and containment.  Part of the back yard is a run for his big dogs, and the rest is a clean and safe play area for his children.  The Tan PVC Privacy Fence is 6 feet high, while the Black Ornamental Aluminum is 4 feet high. Everyone was so impressed with our workmanship that we returned the next week to complete a fence for the neighbor.

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Many neighborhoods in this area have stringent rules  that allow only one or two fence styles.  Custom gates are a simple, inexpensive way to dress up the property, and set your fence apart from all the rest.    A custom Ornamental Aluminum gate adds curb appeal that could make all the difference when it is time to sell. Custom sloped gates provide for seamless installations.


DSCN3510 Morich gate c

This beach themed bungalow in Holiday, FL was in need of some White Vinyl Privacy to replace the broken down old wood.  The homeowner wanted privacy up to the street on one side, however our consultant knew the local building code and saved the customer a major headache.  In this area no fence over 4 feet high can project into the front yard.  We installed a smooth transition from 6 foot in the back to 4 foot in the front for a great look.

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There is no substitute for a straight fence line, and straight lines do not naturally occur.  Two tools that we use on EVERY job are the torpedo level and ball of string.  These are the details that make a world of difference!Morich side b edit

One of the advantages of Ornamental Aluminum is that it can be run up hills and follow curves without looking choppy.  In Trinity, FL this is exactly what we had to do.  The customer asked us to make as much space as possible inside the fence so the kids and dogs had maximum play room.  We suggested  that they leave a few feet of grass between the fence and pond to allow room to mow and maintain.  We also suggested a solid top rail to keep the top of the fence safe in case the dogs tried to jump it or the kids tried to climb it.  This style has a solid top rail with spear points underneath.  4 foot ornamental 5 Foot sloped ornamental

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful fences.  This Odessa, FL estate got just that when they purchased some Ornamental Aluminum.  Their German Shepherd needed room to run, and their yard bordered a large development.  Our crew found the property markers, ran a string, and gave this landscape its finishing touch.  As you can see, the results were spectacular. Pressed spear b Pressed spear aPressed Spear around tree

Odessa, FL–This customer lived one house away from a major highway and had to keep their Labrador from chasing things down the hill into the danger zone. A Maintenance Free (needs cleaning IF it gets dirty), Lifetime guaranteed White Vinyl Contemporary Picket Fence kept the dog safe and happy.  This is the same style that is compliant with pool safety regulations.  It’s clean lines make it one of the most popular Vinyl Picket Styles. Contemporary picket (2)

This Hudson, FL family needed a place for their friendly Pit Bulls to run off some energy.  They were lovable family pets, but needed a large area to run so some 5 foot high All Black Chain Link did the trick.  The shiny look of galvanized would have shown very brightly, but the Black Chain Link had minimal visual impact under the shade of pines and other foliage.Chain link 2 Chain link 1

Hunter’s Woods Fencing serves Land O Lakes too!  This customer needed to keep the dogs out of the muddy water, and keep the gators out of his yard so this galvanized Chain Link did the job.  We smoothly followed the contour of the lawn to keep gaps to a minimum, and put in a 5 foot wide gate to make it easier to get the rowboat in and out.  Chain Link Fence is one of the most cost effective fence options, and he was surprised at our great price point!            Rowan cl 4 ft0244 foot galv

Many new developments in the area (including Starkey Ranch in Trinity Odessa area) only allow installation of Ornamental Aluminum or Vinyl.  This Waters Edge customer in New Port Richey chose the open look of 4 foot high Aluminum.  Looks great and kept his yard secure and safe for his pets.  We kept as close to the ground as possible while making it pleasing to the eye.Morich side e