Month: March 2016

Before you hit the beaches, get that tan started in the privacy of your own back yard. Vinyl or Wood, Hunter’s Woods Fencing can create your own private tanning area with a 6 foot high privacy fence.  We are happy to be building in the new communities of Trinity, Florida and Odessa, Florida along route 54.  Starkey Ranch is the place to buy a new home! We also serve West Pasco and Hillsborough County

beach porch

If PVC fence is too costly, or just does not match your landscaping consider a premium wood fence.  You can choose from Cedar, Cypress, or Pressure Treated Pine.  We built this New Port Richey fence to follow the contour of the land, and our customer was thrilled with the result.  We recommend Built on site because it looks nicer and is stronger than the home store pre-built sections. Our runners are 2×4 not 2×3 and we use Galvanized, Ring Shank nails instead of staples or spiral nails, or cheaper framing nails.  Ring Shanks will not ‘walk out’ or rust like staples and brads.

Starkey Ranch in Odessa, Florida is a great place to buy a new home.  The new developments off 54 in Trinity are growing quickly. Dress up your new home with a Hunter’s Woods Fencing White Vinyl Privacy Fence!!  Straight fence lines are not an accident.  Hunter’s Woods Fencing’s white vinyl privacy is straight, sturdy and comes with a 5 year labor warranty and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Not all vinyl fence is created equal. This commercial grade fence has steel reinforced bottom rail, and heavy walled rails and pickets.DSCN3647 (1)

Some dogs just want to explore and will do just about anything, including injure themselves to fulfill their wanderlust. Many well-meaning dog owners ask us to bury chicken wire under the actual fence to stop digging, and we ALWAYS say NO! Why? Because chicken wire was not made to be buried and constantly wet it will rust and break and when your dog digs the broken, rusty shards of wire will injure his feet.

There is a better way! Hunter’s Woods Fencing takes used Pressure Treated fence posts and places them just under the surface under your fence. When your dog digs, he soon gives up because of the solid wood barrier. This keeps used wood out of landfills, and keeps your dog safe and uninjured.

DSCN4705 DSCN4704 DSCN4703

There was nothing about this Chain Link project that wasn’t  BIG.  This Spring Hill, FL customer needed lots of room for their german shepherd to roam so their 2.5 acre lot made a perfect home, that is, after we installed a 6 foot high chain link fence to keep him contained and safe.  We put tension wire at the bottom, set all the posts in cement, and set the chain link “barbs up” to deter unauthorized entry by “two-legged animals”  (as if the BIG german shepherd wasn’t enough).  Add one more happy customer to the Hunter’s Woods Fencing family.

DSCN4700 DSCN4699 DSCN4698 DSCN4697

Why go with plain when you can dress up your vinyl fence with nice Post Caps?  Even in neighborhoods with restrictive HOA rules, decorative caps can set your yard apart from all the rest, and they don’t add much to the cost of your project!  Explore the possibilities with your free in-home consultation!  Decorative post caps are available for Ornamental Aluminum Fence, Wood Fence, and even Chain Link Fence.      roach d roach a