Month: January 2017

What happens when a brush/forest fire burns up to a vinyl privacy fence?  Score this one Fence 1 Fire 0!

fire fence 2

This white vinyl privacy fence outside of Tampa, FL was destroyed, but it stopped the fire from damaging the house and extinguished itself.  Although badly scorched all of the fence was still there since it does not burn once the heat source is removed.  It effectively stopped the fire which just burned all the brush and then went out.  This is one of the benefits that has been engineered into the modern vinyl blends that we install.  The fence rails and pickets warped, melted, and charred, and ultimately failed, but not before they diverted the fire from invading the back yard and house.

Fire Fence Vinyl cFire Vinyl Fence dFire Fence Vinyl f

3 Rail Ornamental Aluminum

Odessa, FL.   The first Ornamental Aluminum fence of this style in the new Starkey Ranch Community was completed in December.  As you will notice, this fence is a rare style where every other picket stops at the middle rail and does not go clear to the top. It is rackable so slopes down from the house and came with a custom welded gate to follow the slope precisely. It provides a unique look that sets this property apart from all the rest.  My customers often lament on restrictive HOA rules that make everyone’s house look the same, but a seemingly small change in style often complies with the HOA rules and makes an appreciable cosmetic contribution to the uniqueness of your house.  This fence sits on the water with a paved hiking trail nearby so cosmetics were very important.  Also important was containing the Great Dane/Pitbull mix that needed some room to romp without a stake and chain.

3 Rail Ornamental Aluminum on slope3 Rail Ornamental Custom Gate

landlord repair

Attention all Property Owners:  Hunter’s Woods Fencing does fence repairs and reconditions.  Not into spending a lot, but getting more life out of your existing fence?  We can help!

18 foot vinyl gate

Fence is all about solving problems and meeting challenges.  Hunter’s Woods Fencing met the challenge of spanning an 18 foot wide driveway with this wide White Vinyl Privacy Gate.  It features a pneumatic wheel and heavy duty square steel frame AND it opens both in and out!  From the outside it looks just like part of the fence not a commercial gate.

Big Vinyl steel gate

As you can see, we keep a clean work area so as not to be obnoxious to you or your neighbors.  Clean work areas look good both during and after completion. The steel gate was mounted on a heavy steel post, and all was painted white to match the fence material.

18 foot vinyl gate inside

It even looks great on the inside too. This Tampa neighborhood looked nicer when we were done!


Sneaky dog

But Hunter’s Woods Fencing knows how to keep them in!  Ask about our close to ground installation methods and other tricks we know to stymie diggers.

Stickbuilt Premium Board on Board Wood Fence

This built on site (Stickbuilt)  Pressure Treated board on board wood fence follows the contour of the land to eliminate gaps at the bottom and improve curb appeal by blending in to the natural surroundings.  Square corners, vertical and level lines are very rare in nature so in country neighborhoods or areas that are built against the swamp or green areas need to blend in as much as possible.  Hunter’s Woods Fencing consultants are trained to see the big picture so can recommend aesthetically pleasing options for your individual situation.

4 foot Vinyl Clad Chain Link Trinity FL

After a gator came out of the swamp and broke through the neighbor’s wood fence, this customer decided it was time to keep the swamp critters out of his yard with a Black Chain Link Fence.  Many of the new communities in Trinity, Odessa, (Starkey Ranch, Trinity Preserve) and New Port Richey border on the swamp so wildlife is always present.  While a fence may not eliminate all wildlife, it will reroute many of them and provide some security for your pets and yard.  The nice thing about black chain link is that it naturally blends in with its surroundings and becomes minimally noticeable.  Galvanized chain link presents a shiny metal presence in natural landscapes that many customers do not like.

This short video from a Tampa install shows Hunter’s Woods Fencing’s Premium Pressure Treated Board on Board Dogear Wood Fence.  What makes it premium?  The pickets are 5/8″ thick and 5 1/2″ wide.  They are mounted on 2×4 rails with 2 3/8″ Galvanized Ring Shank nails.  Most of the fences you see, even the board on board ones are made with thin (usually only 3/8″ thick) pickets and 2×3 rails and the entire section is prebuilt and available at the high volume home centers.  Hunter’s Woods Fencing stick built panels are much stronger and longer lasting than the big box store prebuilt panel, and the premium sections look nicer too.  This customer needed privacy for her pool and privacy from the neighbor’s pool so the board on board overlap provides complete privacy.  This yard sloped away from the house so building on site blends it in with the surroundings and eliminates gaps at the bottom.  We did a standard wood framed gate since it was only 3 feet wide, however, this gate is covered by a 5 year labor warranty so repairs are free if it does not latch properly.  At the end we trimmed and built in to the middle of a giant clump of  bamboo.  It won’t restrict the flow of wildlife, however will prevent people from cutting through the yard.

Ornamental Aluminum Alternating Picket Black

This Black Powder Coated Ornamental Aluminum fence blends seamlessly into its surroundings.  Even though we had to do a slight jog around the tree in the property line, this fence perfectly fits into this natural country neighborhood in Trinity, FL.  Hunter’s Woods Ornamental Aluminum comes with a lifetime warranty so it should come as no surprise that this fence is at its second location.  It was originally installed at a different address in Odessa, FL, and the homeowner had us relocate it to his new place.


If wood is your choice of fence material and your property isn’t level, you may have to choose the installation method.  Will you step install, or follow the contour of the ground?  Most customers prefer to follow the slope, but several different challenges come into play.  When following contour, the fence must be Stickbuilt, meaning no prebuilt sections are utilized. Pickets, Rails and posts are brought to the jobsite and the fence is built one piece of wood at a time.  The good news is that Hunter’s Woods Fencing specializes in Pressure Treated Stick Built Wood Fences.  When stepping, you can use prebuilt panels however in order to eliminate gaps at the bottom the installer must trench the upper end of each section or place considerable fill under the lower end of each section.   In Florida where there is significant sand in the soil filling in can be problematic since it can wash out unless sod is immediately placed on top and watered until it takes hold.  Whatever you choose, Hunter’s Woods Fencing is happy to provide quality fencing solutions.