Month: August 2017

Before Hunter’s Woods Fencing

After Hunter’s Woods Fencing

Just the simple replacement of a few feet of fence gave this Tampa home a total face-lift.  White Vinyl Privacy brightened up the landscape replacing the weathered, gray, dogear, wood with a broken down gate.  We put a 5″x5″ aluminum I-beam inside the gate post so the new gate will be straight and functional for many years.

Why settle for this basic Dogear Pressure Treated Fence Panel?

When you could (for a few dollars more) have this Custom Built Pressure Treated Fence that will set your home apart from all the rest?

This fence lets everyone know you appreciate the finer things and gives your place a finished look and polish that basic dogear styles just can’t compete with.

Call us today to have this fence or a custom design of your own installed in your yard!

Superior construction makes a Hunter’s Woods Fencing Wood Fence  better than the rest.  The shortest nail we use is a full 2 3/8″ long. Most wood fences are constructed with shorter 2″ nails, or worse yet, staples.  We use Galvanized Ring Shank nails for greater penetration and strength and the ring shanks hold much more securely than smooth or spiral shank.   We attach the rails to the posts with 3 inch Ring Shank nails or Outdoor Deck screws.  Our custom built board on board fences are some of the strongest wood fences available and we do them at a surprisingly low price.  If you HOA allows wood fences, call us today for your free consultation and hands on demonstration of the nails we use.

There is nothing like a traditional white picket fence to dress up your property and improve curb appeal.  Whether you are preparing to get the highest offer when you sell or just making your house more of a home, white vinyl, scalloped picket fence always looks great!  This property in New Port Richey is now completely enclosed in great looking vinyl to keep the pets out of the street!  Call us today to have this fence installed in your yard!  It is available in almost any locale in Pasco County (Trinity, Odessa, Port Richey, Spring Hill, Holiday) because a large number of Homeowner’s associations are white vinyl friendly!