“There is hardly a product of our culture that  someone cannot make a little worse and sell for a little less, and the one who puts price above all other considerations is the natural prey of this man.”  –John Ruskin

Make some basic decisions BEFORE you call for estimates.  Your fence should be what YOU want, not what a salesman tells you HE wants.  Do you want a sales call or a consultation?  Hunter’s Woods Fencing will consult and give you options.  We are at your house for short time to determine configuration, but you live there all the time.  We can make recommendations, but YOU are  the best decision maker because you will see that fence everyday.

Ask yourself:

  1. What will my property look like once it has a fence?  A good fence will give your property an overnight face-lift!
  2. What will my fence do to make my yard more enjoyable?
  3. What will a fence do to make me more comfortable in my own home?

If you have nosy neighbors a Privacy fence is a no-brainer.  If your neighbors have aggressive dogs a strong fence is required.  In the case of yappy dogs a Privacy fence is the solution.  If you need containment, but want to preserve a nice view, then a short Picket Fence or Chain Link Fence will provide a boundary with minimal visual impact.  Do you have children or pets that need a safe yard or play area?

Basic questions that most customers do not consciously consider are:

How long does this fence need to last?  This may sound silly, no one wants to replace a fence, but are you going to retire in this home, or is it a starter that will be too small in 5 years.  If it is a “long haul” home Vinyl fence is more cost effective since it will never need replacement.  The starter home can get by with a custom-built wood fence because, while it may need replacement in 15 years, it will still look nice and help sell the property when it is time to move on.

How long do my gates need to last before sagging?  For wood there are two different gate styles.  The best choice is to have the gate built on a galvanized steel frame which will eliminate sagging.  The cheaper (in the short term) alternative is the traditional wood cross-bracing.  Like any wood product it will deteriorate with time and require replacement, even when properly installed.

What will my budget allow?  Of course, if you tell a salesman your budget before he measures your yard, his price will almost always come in just under or just over that number.  Our consultants are trained to provide you with alternatives that vary in quality and price so you don’t feel roped into an “all or nothing” situation.  Hunter’s Woods Fencing gives you Vinyl options of residential grade or commercial grade.  Chain Link Fence options come in strength and color, while wood fences can be Stockade, Board on Board, heavy duty or residential grades.

What does my existing fence do for my property today, and how will a new fence impact curb appeal?  All new fences have tremendous impact on the complexion of a property.  Almost all of our customers are blown away at the visual impact of the new construction.

Are the details important, and if so, which ones?  At Scott Spencer Inc we understand that the details are the difference between an average fence and a beautiful fence. One of the most ignored details in privacy fence is setback from the front corner of the house.  There is one local community where most of the fences are faced up with the front plane of the house.  This is the WORST position for the homeowner, but the most profitable position for  the contractor.  Running the fence this far forward means more total footage so a bigger money contract for the installer.  HOWEVER, having the fence and house on the same plane takes away from the entire perspective of the property.  It will yield a few more square feet of fenced area, but will make your home harder to sell and less attractive.

Other details are gate clearances, plumb posts, unwanted gaps, and functional hardware.  Salesmen often don’t take time to discuss details, but consultants do!

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