Fence Facts you should know:

If I schedule a free estimate, will you use high pressure sales tactics or act like a slick, fast talking salesman?  Hunter’s Woods Fencing is different because we are looking for quality customers not just sales numbers.  We will only sign a contract a if it is fair for you, and fair for Hunter’s Woods Fencing.  It must be win/win or we will graciously decline.  

We have consultants, not salesmen, who are experienced and trained to make pertinent suggestions, and solve problems instead of creating their brag book or meeting a sales quota.

We understand that fence is not an impulse buy, and we want you to be happy with your decision.   We will measure, price, answer your questions, and help you think through the entire project to ensure the best outcome.  

What should I use to clean my new vinyl fence?   We recommend using a soft cloth and soap that  you would wash your car with.  Most of the time, just hosing it down will remove dirt.  If you use a pressure washer, turn the pressure down, and stay several feet from the fence.

Is vinyl as strong as wood?  Yes,vinyl is engineered to have the strength of wood with much greater flexibility.

Will my lawn service damage my new vinyl fence with their commercial grade weed wackers?  Even without a steel reinforced bottom rail, Hunter’s Woods  Vinyl Fence has a heavy wall thickness that will stand up to any nylon string weed wacker.

Does Hunter’s Woods Vinyl come in prebuilt sections?  NO!  Prebuilt vinyl sections are a product of Big Box Stores and are manufactured from extremely thin material.  They are glued together and rely on external brackets and screws to stay in place.  The material is so thin that we frequently see damage from string trimmers and other lawn care equipment.  The high quality material provided by Hunter’s Woods comes in rails, posts, and individual pickets that fit securely together with no external fasteners or painted parts. 

Will you put chicken wire at the bottom of my fence to keep my dog from digging?  Absolutely not!!  This could injure your pet, and we strongly recommend against it.  There are other effective methods/barriers to prevent escape that are safer.  Chicken wire was not designed to be constantly exposed to wet dirt and grass.  In these conditions it will rust rapidly and develop rough edges that can cut your pet’s feet when they dig or just step in the wrong place.  

What kind of warranty does your Vinyl fence come with?  Our vinyl products are backed by one of the largest vinyl manufacturers in America.  View Warranty here.    Hunter’s Woods Fencing also protects our customers with  FIVE (5) YEAR LABOR WARRANTY!!

Do you set all posts in cement? Absolutely.  The ground here in Florida will not securely hold a post without cement.  Fences with inadequate post depth and/or no cement are easy to spot because they are never straight and even.

Another company said that cement will make wood posts rot out quickly. Is that true?  Yes and No.  There is a right way and a wrong way to cement a wood post.   A properly cemented post will last many years while the wrong methods will encourage premature failure.  All of our crews are pros who know and practice Hunter’s Woods Fencing’s required installation methods. 

Is Hunter’s Woods Fencing and Scott Spencer Inc Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?  Scott Spencer Inc and its fence division Hunter’s Woods Fencing is a licensed and insured fence business!!  Beware of fence salesmen who used “bonded” as a selling tool.  Construction bonds are issued for commercial jobs of high value; contractors are not bonded for all their jobs, just specific worksites (usually government and heavy commercial).  Your residential fence installation will not be covered by a construction bond no matter what company does your installation.

What type of chain link fence is best for my children and pets? We recommend vinyl coated chain link.  Galvanized chain link can have sharp edges left over from the manufacturing process, and most Day Care centers use vinyl clad chain link.

How do you know where my water, cable, and electric lines are?  Before we dig a single hole, we contact Sunshine 811 to have underground utilities located and marked.  This is required by law and it is also the right thing to do!

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